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Four Notable Reasons Teens Need to Take Driver’s Ed

For some teens, taking driver's education is an expected rite of passage to get their license. But other parents debate the value of driver's education for their teens. If you're on the fence about whether or not it's a good decision, consider these four primary reasons to take drivers ed that cause most parents to enroll their teens.

Driver’s Ed Helps Teens Learn

It’s been a long time since you learned how to drive. You’ve probably forgotten most of the details that make up the driving process. For experienced drivers, many tasks and habits are second-nature and won’t seem important to explain to a new driver. Unlike novice drivers, driver’s ed teachers have worked with teens for a long time; they know what is important for new drivers to remember and have practiced explaining those details in ways that make them easy for students to understand.

Driver’s Ed Prepares Teens for the Road

As a parent, you’ll want to make sure that you prepare your kid as much as you can. When you have your teen take driver's ed from a professional, they'll learn what will be on the test, how to study for it, and what they'll need for the license. This can be particularly useful as some states require teens to undergo a rigorous driving test in order to obtain their license. Some states may require parallel parking for the license, while other states may require little more than a drive around the block.

Driver’s Ed Boost Confidence

Driving can be quite daunting, especially for beginners. Learning to drive is stressful for any teen, but driving school and driver’s ed can help them feel more confident. A good instructor will prepare them for what they’ll face on the road and give them experience before they start driving.

Driver’s Ed Lowers Insurance Costs

Many of you may not know this but driver’s ed can actually help you save money. Many insurance companies sell discounted policies to teens who have taken a driving school course. Teens who take driver's school will see cost savings in their premiums. This can be incredibly appealing, especially if you dread the increase in your insurance premiums when you add your kid to the policy. Learn more ways to save on teenage care insurance in Georgia.

Driver’s Ed Is Required In Some States

Not every state requires a driver’s education course for teens looking to get their license. But the states that do have seen an increase in the proficiency of drivers who took the class, which means that taking driver’s education is a proven method to help teens become safer drivers. In Georgia, every new driver under 18 years old must take a 30-hour driver's education course.

Reasons to Take Drivers Ed - Wrap Up

We hope this article proves to be useful when it comes to helping you see why you need to enroll your teens in driver’s ed. If you want to give your teen professional instruction that will make sure they know everything they need to know and be safe on the road, give them a driver’s education course. It is well worth the investment.

While driver’s ed is extremely helpful, you’ll want to ensure that you choose the right driving school. At Athens Driving Prep, we go the extra mile by providing flexible learning programs for your students. For more information on our driving classes in Athens, Georgia, visit our website today!


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