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Road Test Prep Package

Road Test Reg

$375 | 5 hours (2 hours for lesson and 3 hours for chaperoning)

Need a car to take the road test? Need a smaller car to take the road test? Athens Driving Prep can help! This package is only for people who have already completed the legally-required 40 hours of driver training, and/ or have a foreign driver’s license, and are ready to drive independently.


Road Test Prep Package includes:

1) A two-hour lesson to review U-turns and the parking maneuvers required on the road test. If you are not consistent with your basic driving skills, you will need more than this package offers.

2) Chaperoning to the road test. On test day, you will be picked up with plenty of time to warm up and review the parking skills again before driving to your test appointment. You will then take the road test in Athens Driving Prep’s Honda Fit, with an experienced driving instructor at your side. After the road test, we will return you to home, work, or school. 

What you will be expected to perform on the road test:

Backing in a straight line through cones, parallel and reverse parking, safely changing lanes and doing a U-turn in a 55 mph zone, handling complex intersections, maintaining speed consistently, staying centered in your lane, and being able to display safety, awareness, and control at all times without any assistance at any time.


Athens Driving Prep uses the Athens DDS for the chaperoning service. Under certain circumstances, we can arrange to chaperone at the Between or Elberton DDS, but there will be an out-of-service-area fee and a fuel surcharge.

Have additional questions? Please feel free to reach out.



No driving school can or will guarantee that a student will pass a road test. The amount charged for road test chaperoning is for the cost of the school’s time and resources and is non-refundable. It is in no way a promise of a positive outcome on any road test.

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