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Parking Lessons:

Learn How to Park a Car

Parking Clinic

Ready to get road test savvy? Parking clinics are 75-minute time slots to learn how to park a car - accurate curb parks, and also parallel and reverse parking as they will be required on the road test. Students can take photos of cheat sheets so they have the all steps on their phones. There will be discussion on how maneuvers are judged on a road test, what to expect on the big day, and how to prepare. If time allows, regular pull-in parking and backing out of a regular perpendicular space will also be addressed. Students must provide their own transportation to and from clinics; clinic sites will move between Oconee, Clarke, and Madison counties.

Choose your county below to view and sign up for the next available Parking Clinic:

Clarke County


75-Minute Parking Clinic

Madison County


75-Minute Parking Clinic

Oconee County


75-Minute Parking Clinic

Ready to Learn How to Park a Car? Here's What We'll Cover:

How to Park a Car - Parallel Park

During your private parking lesson with one of our expert driving instructors, you will learn everything you need to master parallel parking not just for a road test, but also for real-life parking experiences. During your parking session, you’ll learn skills and techniques that will enhance your spatial awareness and coordination, and bring more control and precision to your driving. Our parallel parking clinics are designed to help students feel confident, informed, and prepared for the driving road test.

Learn how to park a car Athens, GA parking clinic

How to Park a Car -  Park in Reverse (Turnabout)

In addition to parallel parking, you’ll learn techniques and skills essential for the precise reverse parking maneuver, or turnabout. Under our professional driving instructor's guidance, you'll gain confidence, spatial awareness, and coordination needed for effectively parking between either cones or real vehicles. By honing this skill, you'll bring a new level of precision to your driving test.

Additional Driving Test Preparation

During your 75-minute parking lesson we’ll talk about what to expect on your driving road test, how to prepare, and what to practice. You’ll learn to evaluate your own parking maneuvers and understand how to perform them to an examiner’s testing standards. You’ll be able to take pictures of steps and diagrams to help you remember everything. Our experienced instructors offer valuable tips and advice to help you learn how to park a car either between cones or in real life situations, so essentially you are learning to prepare yourself beyond driving test standards. Our clinics are designed to ease your nerves for the driving test by erasing some of the mystery and replacing it with knowledge and preparation.

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