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Single Driving Lesson Evaluation

$175 | 2 Hour Lesson

A two-hour lesson is used for evaluation when it is unclear whether or not driving will be a good fit for the student. It is normally reserved for students with special learning or behavioral needs, accident PTSD, or medically treated anxiety. In this lesson, we start at the very beginning and the instructor will carefully observe the student’s learning and retention habits. The first lesson may include, but is not limited to: using pedals and turn signals, braking and accelerating, using the push-pull steering method, making precise turns and smooth legal stops, centering in the lane, and making basic observations and decisions. Have additional questions? Please feel free to reach out.

One Lesson

Three Driving Lessons

$450 | 6 Hours Behind-the-Wheel Driving Time

This is the minimum package for a safety course certification. Completion of six hours yields a $150 tax deduction and a discount on most insurance premiums. All students learn differently and at different rates of speed. Generally speaking, our goal within the six-hour course is to raise the student’s assertive driving skill, awareness, and comfort levels by applying them to most- and possibly all- of these different driving environments: parking lots, rural roads, city streets with complex intersections, divided highways, expressways with ramp merging, and downtown with one-way streets, pedestrian traffic, and applied parallel parking. Have additional questions? Please feel free to reach out.

Three Lessons

Five Driving Lessons

$710 | 10 Hours Behind-the-Wheel Drive Time

This package is the best deal and gives us time to introduce the curriculum material more slowly and with greater repetition, which helps students retain information and skills. This is a great package for students with anxiety or PTSD from an accident, or for a new driver who cannot get enough practice at home. For students who are already nearing 40 hours of experience, this package will give us more time with expressway driving, ramp merging, and other advanced driving environments. Have additional questions? Please feel free to reach out.

5 Driving Lessons
Special Needs Package

Special Needs Package

$520 | 4 x 1.5 Hours Behind-the-Wheel Driving Time

This is the six-hour state safety course but broken down into shorter, 1.5 hour lessons. If the student has learning or behavioral needs that could affect driving, we need to talk about that up front in order to maximize your lesson dollars and to make the experience more enjoyable for everyone. This school has experience teaching students on the Spectrum and/ or with Executive Dysfunction, NLD, ADHD, sensory overload, accident PTSD, medically-treated anxiety, and Dyslexia. Although we can guarantee no specific successes, we can make special arrangements to deal with these issues such as doing shorter lessons, choosing specific environments in which to train, avoiding after-school or rush-hour times, setting lesson times around medication schedules, choosing an instructor familiar with these needs, and planning for more family participation and more practice time in between. Please understand that meeting these lesson needs may limit scheduling availability. Have additional questions? Please feel free to reach out.

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