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Summer Road Test Tips For Teen Drivers in Georgia

Summer is right around the corner, and that means a huge rise in the number of teen drivers taking road tests. Here are some things to consider when your teen is working on getting licensed during this very busy driving season:

  • Road tests at the DDS are by appointment only and will fill up quickly in the summer. Plan and book your road test well ahead through the DDS online system:

  • Likewise, this is a very busy time for driving schools; in-car driving lessons will fill up very quickly

  • Last summer, the Joshua Law requirement was expanded to require ALL minors to take the 30-hour driver education course. Anyone under the age of 18 must have their 30-hour driver education certificate before taking the road test

  • All road tests in Georgia are now done using a two-way camera placed inside the windshield. The road test examiner will no longer be in the car during the road test, but instead will watch the parking maneuvers from the parking lot and watch the street-driving portion from a computer inside the DDS. The examiner will communicate instructions and directions via cell phone. The student driver’s responsible party will remain in the vehicle throughout the road test but should remain silent and may not assist in any way with the driving. The responsible adult’s driver’s license will be checked before the road test begins.

  • If you are wondering if your teen is ready for the road test, consider the following questions: Are they able to drive in different driving environments without any assistance? Are they generally decisive and confident behind the wheel? Are they ready to show a road test examiner that they can display safety, 360° awareness, and control at all times?

  • Once a new driver passes the road test, they are ready to drive all alone for the very first time. This is a huge step and can be more mentally overwhelming than anticipated. Make sure their first time driving alone is in a familiar area, that they choose a close and familiar destination which they know how to reach, and that they are not in a hurry. Help them choose a quiet time and avoid rush-hour traffic for the first drive. Remember that minors may not use a cell phone in any capacity while driving, including using a map app.

I hope these steps will help smoothly transition your student driver into a safe, independent driver this summer. If your teen driver hasn’t yet enrolled in driving school. Sign up for our Athens, GA Drivers Ed course today


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