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Parents vs. Driving School: The Best Teacher to Learn From

Learning how to drive isn’t just about knowing how to make a proper turn and park straight. Driving involves a lot of practice and memorization before you can be declared qualified to get on the road. A driver’s goal is not just to make sure they’ll arrive at their destination; they must also ensure that the road is safe while they’re driving. After all, the goal of learning how to drive is to make sure that we don’t hurt ourselves and other people with our recklessness.

When you are close to driving age, your parents may offer to teach you because they are “the best driver in town.” While many drivers are skilled enough to navigate the most complex problems on the road, not all of them would make for great driving teachers.

So the ultimate question is, who should you learn driving from?

Driving Instructors Provide Specific Knowledge

As a beginner, your goal is to know every detail of driving. This means you should be aware of every rule, every technique, and every single sign on the road. After your driving lessons, you will undergo a written test as part of your license approval.

Driving teachers are trained not just on driving skills but also on all the important driving laws. They never stop learning and informing themselves should there be any revisions or additions to local driving regulations.

In contrast, your parents likely learned to drive decades ago. It’s likely that they don’t recall specific regulations that drivers don’t really need to think about every single day. Additionally, the modernization of vehicles has led to new driving techniques. Drivers that have been licensed for many years aren’t concerned with these essential technical details. This means that you may not be able to pass a written driving test if you depend on their limited knowledge.

Driving Instructors Provide Structured Lessons

Parents are very protective of their children, so they will likely teach you everything you need to know about avoiding road accidents. They may emphasize specific tips and techniques to deal with any unexpected circumstances when driving along the road. However, parents may unconsciously focus on these specific details and skip the basics.

A driving school provides structured lessons for every new driver. These lessons cover every single necessary detail that should be covered to pass the written exam and to create a responsible young driver. A structured approach will cover all the basics and give students enough time to experience the wheel before moving onto more advanced maneuvers.

Driving Instructors Provide Confidence and Comfort

Many student drivers opt to learn from driving schools because their parents may raise their voices while teaching them how to drive. This manner of teaching may not be comfortable for most first-time drivers, especially ones who are nervous about being on the road.

Students learn better when they are in a comfortable environment and with an authority figure they can trust. Maintaining a professional relationship with a driving instructor will lead to more knowledge and more confidence.


Now that we have given you the primary considerations when choosing who you should learn driving from, you must have realized at this point that the driving class is a better choice. However, this does not mean that your parents should stay out of the scene while you learn how to drive. Driving lessons can help teach you everything you need to know, while your parents can support you by practicing outside of class hours.

Athens Driving Prep provides new drivers with customized driver’s training in Athens, Georgia so you can choose which one is best for you. Our experienced and licensed instructors will teach you everything you need to know to be ready on the road. Check out our packages and enroll today!


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