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6 Questions New Drivers Ask – And the Answers!

When you first get behind the wheel to drive, all the different rules and laws can feel overwhelming. Where is the turn signal? Which driver gets to go next at a four-way stop?

Here are some of the most common questions new drivers ask during in-person or an online driver’s ed course – and the answers you need!

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1. What Is the Difference Between Right-on-Red and Yielding?

Drivers can turn right on red in Georgia when the way is clear, and no pedestrians are in the crosswalk. Even when there isn’t a designated area for people to walk, they typically have permission to cross a road when their light is green.

Allowing other drivers or pedestrians (Georgia pedestrian and driver laws) to proceed during right-on-red is one form of yielding. When you come to a yield sign, it requires you to wait until the path is clear to continue.

2. What Do I Need to Do with Move-Over Laws?

Georgia's move-over laws require drivers to place an empty lane between them and a parked emergency vehicle with flashing lights.

It can be a police officer, an ambulance, or another qualifying service vehicle. When traffic is too heavy to pull into the other lane, you must slow to a speed below the posted limit while being prepared to stop.

3. Does Driving in the Left Lane Get Me a Ticket?

In 2014, Georgia passed what is often called the “Slow Poke Law.” It means you can receive a ticket for impeding the traffic flow by loitering in the left lane. You can receive a fine of up to $1,000 and lose three points on your license.

If you receive a ticket for left-lane loitering, your insurance premiums might also rise. This rule doesn’t apply to the right or middle lanes.

4. What Is Cruise Control?

Cruise control is a feature found in vehicles that automatically manages speed. When you have a long, open stretch of highway, you can improve your fuel economy significantly by maintaining the throttle at a steady pace.

Although cruise control is a wonderful option, it shouldn’t be used in the rain or during other adverse conditions. Icy roads and standing water could interfere with the immediate control you need. Hydroplaning with this feature could be dangerous.

5. What Does Hydroplaning Mean?

When you hydroplane while driving, it means that you’ve lost control of the vehicle because of the road’s wet surface. It is sometimes referred to as “aquaplaning.” The best way to avoid this concern is to maintain the correct tire pressure and an appropriate speed for the conditions.

6. Do I Need to Worry About Red Light Cameras?

Georgia is one of several states that allow the use of red-light cameras. Although you can be ticketed for what gets spotted on video, these incidents are not considered moving violations. That means your insurance rates remain unaffected by the outcome, although you can receive a fine of up to $70.

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New Drivers - Check Out Our Athens Driving School

Driving school can help you get ready for the fun times on the road ahead. When you know what to expect behind the wheel, making the best decision is much easier.


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