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Athens Georgia Teen Driving Laws, Rules & Regulations. An Easy-To-Read Guide.

Georgia Teen Driving Laws, Male Teenage driver

The process of earning a driver’s license can seem confusing, especially since Georgia uses a graduated system. This means that a minor earns a license in stages over time, while a legal adult has fewer steps to take. The graduated driving education process for Georgia was established through the Teen and Adult Driving Responsibility Act (read about TADRA here). It was later enhanced with Joshua’s Law, which requires a 30-hour book work course (Driver’s Ed), either online or in a classroom, for teens getting their licenses before the age of 18. Any person taking the road test in Georgia, regardless of age, must have completed 40 hours of supervised practice driving with six of those hours driven at night. Let’s break down the process for Athens Georgia teen driving laws by different ages

Athens Georgia Teen Driving Laws By Age

Age 15: On or after your 15th birthday, you may take the vision test and written Knowledge Exam to receive a Class CP license (learner’s permit). 

  • The exam fee for a Class CP license is $10 per attempt

  • You must have proof of school enrollment

  • The Class CP permit is good for two years and can be renewed online if you are a US citizen and Georgia resident

  • If you fail the Knowledge Exam on the first attempt, you must wait one day to retest. If you fail after that, you must wait one week to retest

  • If you are under the age of 18, you must hold your permit at least one year and one day before taking the road test. If that 366th day lands on a weekend or holiday, the DDS will generally allow you to take it a day early

  • With this permit, you are expected to practice driving at least 40 hours, six of those hours being at night, with a licensed adult at least 21 years old

  • During this time, you should also be taking the 30-hour bookwork course (Driver’s Ed) to fulfill Joshua’s Law


Age 16: Once you have had a Class CP learner’s permit for 366 days, completed 40 hours of supervised driving, and completed the 30-hour driver’s education book work course (either classroom or online), you may take your road test to earn your Class D provisional license. This means you may drive alone but under certain restricted conditions (see link below).

  • Road tests are by appointment only; some DDS locations can be booked up weeks in advance, especially in the summer, so plan and book your road test well in advance

  • The cost for the Class D license is $10; you are not charged for taking the road test and will not be charged if you do not pass

  • This license is good for five years and can be renewed online

  • You must have proof of school enrollment and completed ADAP

  • This test consists of driving with an examiner; there are three cone maneuvers done in a closed lot and then some time spent driving on the road. The driving exam takes about 20 minutes. There is no written testing here

  • Your job is to prove to the examiner that you can drive independently, in a safe and confident manner, without needing any advice or instruction. The examiner will tell you which direction to go but should not have to help you make driving decisions 

  • If you do not pass the first time, you must wait 24 hours to retest. If you do not pass the second time, you must wait one week to retest. If you fail due to a traffic accident or traffic violation, ticketed or not, you must wait 30 days to retest 

Age 17: You do not need to take the 30-hour book work (Driver’s Ed) course, because Joshua’s Law is for 16 year-olds. However, the driver education course contains a great deal of important information that can enhance your knowledge of traffic patterns, driving strategies, laws and regulations, and help improve your assertive driving skills.

  • You must have proof of school enrollment and completed ADAP

  • You are required to complete the 40 hours of supervised driving practice

Age 18: Once you turn 18, providing you have had your Class CP permit for at least one day, you qualify to take the road test for your Class C driver’s license. You do not need to show proof of school enrollment or ADAP. However, you must have completed the 40 hours of supervised driving practice. If you turn 18 and have not yet earned a Class CP permit, you must first pass the vision and written Knowledge Exam at least 24 hours before taking a road test.

If you already have a Class D provisional license when you turn 18, you can simply upgrade to the Class C license online. This removes the restrictions that were on the provisional license. The Class C license is $32 and is good for eight years.

Athens GA Driving Test Chaperoning
Driving Test Chaperoning & Driving Education For Teens

Athens Driving Prep offers chaperoning service to your road test. We will pick you up well before the road test appointment and double-check your paperwork. You will have plenty of time to warm up and review the cone maneuvers. We help you check in at the DDS on time, and then you use our clean, inspection-worthy, compact car for your road test with the examiner. Afterward, you can sit back, relax, and text your friends while we drive you to your drop-off location. No driving school can promise a positive outcome on any road test, but we can certainly remove a lot of the hassle, stress, and mystery on your testing day. Call us to help you with your road test.


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