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6 Ways To Safely Improve Your Teen's Driving Skills

Driving lessons are exciting and a bit nerve-wracking. It involves more freedom as you get on the road, but it also comes with tons of responsibilities. Suppose your teen has just passed his or her driver’s license test. This passing of the test is more than just having the plastic piece that legally allows you to be behind the wheel.

New drivers will always make mistakes, and not everyone will know what to do in the event of problems or issues that arise while on the road. As parents who have likely gone through your own fair share of mishaps and wrong moves, it is your responsibility to ensure that a teen fresh out of their driver’s license test is safe. You can’t always be in the car with them, but here are ways to ensure that they regularly drive safe and keep free from accidents:

1. Make a Contract Between You and Your Teen

Contracts are essential in any industry, and the younger you introduce your teen to this concept, the better equipped they will be in the future. The contract you set should typically include laying down rules regarding the use of your vehicle. Ensure that you set parameters regarding phone usage, passengers, traffic violation ticket expenses, and other non-negotiables. Be strict in enforcing these and be open with communication since driving is a new responsibility that any teen takes in their lives.

2. Enforce Seatbelt Use

Seatbelts save lives, and there is no doubt about that. Ensure that your teen knows that buckling up is a non-negotiable as long as the vehicle is used and moving. It is common that during these years, the concept of what is “cool” and “uncool” is prominent, so lay down the facts and be strict about their use.

3. Say No to Driving During Inclement Weather

Inclement weather is an indicator that no one should head out unless absolutely necessary. Even the most experienced drivers get into mishaps because of rain and snowstorms, as the road conditions are unforgiving. Icy roads can cause horrible accidents, and even rain can cause a car to hydroplane, which can be challenging to manage for a beginner.

4. Have Curfews In Place

Driving late at night is dangerous for anyone. Nighttime is typically when drunk drivers are most recognizable, and lower visibility becomes an issue due to slower reaction times. Be sure that when your teen is going out, they have to be home by a specific time. Otherwise, they should take an Uber or a Lyft to get home.

5. Help Them Master Your Local Area

Comfort is undoubtedly the key to building a good driver, as confidence allows drivers to be aware and ready on the road effectively. The easiest way to do this is to take them on your usual routes and trips with you as a passenger to get them familiar with local road rules and conditions. As they grow more comfortable with the local area, you will start to notice a change in their driving habits, so be sure to see if they go too fast or become even better at driving.

6. Keep Your Vehicle In Good Condition

The most critical safety factor is a well-oiled machine. An old car that is not maintained well might not be the best option to put your teen to the test. Ensuring that the vehicle is on time for its periodic maintenance, has all the fluids topped up and that all parts are new and working will keep them safe and without hassles. Additionally, teach them basic vehicle maintenance and emergency works, such as what to do with a blown tire, how to change a flat, and viewing the car’s fluid levels.


Teen driving is a nerve-wracking time for any parent’s life. The risks involved with driving, in general, are plenty and can be riddled with uncertainties. By reducing variables that cause driving accidents and other mishaps, you can keep your teen safe until they evolve further than what they learned from driving lessons.

Athens Driving Prep is the top driving school in Athens, Georgia, that assists in finding new drivers’ confidence in their abilities behind the wheel. Get your driver’s license test with us today and start hitting the roads in no time using our personalized lesson plan for each new driver’s needs. Contact us today to start driving lessons.


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