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Our Guide to a Smooth-Sailing Ride: 3 Safety Tips When Driving in the Rain and Sleet

Many drivers strive to navigate the road as safely as possible, but there are plenty of external factors that can make the road ahead challenging. Once inclement weather rolls in and covers the highway with rain and sleet, operating your vehicle will put your skills to the test as the journey becomes significantly complex.

Whether you are a veteran behind the wheel or a beginner, it helps to stay up-to-date with the safety measures you need to consider when driving in poor weather conditions. With that in mind, the list below should give you a rundown on the precautions to take to drive straight and safe no matter the season:

Tip #1: Maintain Control Of Your Speed

Straying away from your usual speed, even by just a minor margin, is enough to skid you off track in a slippery road. Keeping hold of your speed at all times ensures you have better control over your vehicle, allowing you to maintain a steady movement throughout the ride.

Driving with lower speed is the best approach as it gives you room to press on the brakes in case you run into a hazard. Faster speeds will risk your car going into hydroplane, but you can regain your control by gently releasing the brake pedal to gain traction and pressing the brakes again.

Tip #2: Equip Your Car With All-Season Tires

Another way to improve your driving during harsh conditions is to utilize specialized tires. This will give you a better advantage as it helps maintain control by providing better traction on wet roads, allowing you to cruise through the street easily with a lower risk of spinning off the track.

Don’t forget to check the tire’s pressure too as it can lead to blowouts, which can be highly dangerous when driving through slippery roadways.

Tip #3: Keep Lane Changes To A Minimal

Try to stay in your lane and switch only when it’s necessary, since moving from right to left and vice versa increases the risk of skidding when your tires lose traction. It’s especially important to minimize your lane changes when the road is foggy as you can be hit by oncoming traffic.

Speaking of which, it’s also in your best interest to avoid tailgating any cars in front of you. If they suddenly stop, pressing the brakes in a sudden movement can make you lose control due to the road’s slick conditions.

The Bottom Line: Keep A Sharp Eye And Good Grip Behind The Wheel In Bad Weather

Having the right guidance to help gear you up for success out on the highway is just as crucial, especially when it comes to navigating difficult roads due to inclement weather conditions. Fortunately, you can gain the right mindset and awareness with our tailor-made driving lessons here at Athens, GA. With Athens Driving Prep, you can refine your skills and steer clear of potential trouble ahead.


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