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My Teenager Won't Practice Driving

Your teenager is ready to start driving. She or he has passed the permit test, received a Class PC license, and is eyeballing your vehicle with relish.

Your teenager. Your beautiful, precious, fragile child wants to practice driving your vehicle. You have mixed feelings, knowing how dangerous it can be out there but also eager for the conveniences it will soon bring. So you prepare to teach your child. You pick the right time, the right place, the right conditions for your first ride together. You’ve reviewed the DDS 40- Hour Parent/ Teen manual. You have a plan in your mind how to proceed with the first lesson and maybe even daydream about how the experience will bring you closer together.

And then the first time doesn’t go very well. 

Athens, GA teens won't practice driving
Is your teen refusing to practice driving?

It could be as simple as you and your teenager sharing an underlying sense of pressure, or having a great deal of tension that escalates to shouting. It could be an eye-opening incident, a scary near-miss, or even an accident that starts the downward spiral. In any case, the harsh realities of driving have washed away all the initial excitement and just like that, the training is over. Your teenager heads for the passenger seat instead of the driver’s seat every time. You find yourselves practicing together rarely or not at all. If you're teenager won't practice driving, how will they become a safe and confident driver.

That’s where I come in. 

I have seen this happen to hundreds of families, and the best remedy is professional lessons. I have a tried and true system to increase your child’s overall skill, confidence, and comfort level. Once that is achieved, your driving relationship with your teen will become more relaxed. In turn you will both want to train more and more together; the more your new driver practices, the easier it gets for both of you.

Before you know it, your teenager has completed the 40 required hours and is ready for the road test. 

teenager won't practice driving? Athens Driving Prep

Don’t let driver training strain the relationship you have with your new driver. Give me call. I can help.


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