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Enrolling Your Teenager in Driver's Ed vs Getting Uber

Getting a driver’s license is a milestone to independence. Mom and dad don’t have to drive kids to any parties or classes anymore. Handling a few errands here and there might be arranged, but it’ll be worth it if that means you get the freedom to go anywhere else.

However, the age a child learns to drive is up for debate; some opt out of driving lessons at sweet 16 while others beg for them. Some parents utilize ride-sharing platforms like Uber when a teen requests a ride. Technology has made transportation a little easier and accessible, but is it safer?

With the option of driver’s ed or Uber on the table, here are some of the factors you need to consider.

Uber’s Age Restrictions

The terms and conditions on Uber’s app state that riders have to be 18 years old and above. Although age restrictions don’t deter most users from lying about their age, there’s a big chance that a guardian’s Uber account will get locked out and unusable.

An account lock would remove convenient transportation options for both the teens and the parents. Get ready to throw out your party plans and drink nights out of the window.

Increased Expenses

Tuition is expensive. Allowance is expensive. Regular household finances are costly. When a large Uber bill is thrown into the mix, it’ll be harder to manage. In retrospect, the money used for the bill payment could have been an investment for driver’s school and lessons instead.

If there’s already a car at home, getting driver’s ed will enable you to use that. From the parent’s perspective, it can be a little cheaper. Just expect a budget plan.

Safety Measures

There are stories of taxi drivers who may harass or assault riders. Although that image is not a reflection of Uber or any platform, you can never be too sure. Proper verification and having a smartphone for communication are a must. It wouldn’t hurt to learn a few safety tips, either.

At the end of the day, you’re entrusting yourself to a stranger at the wheel. Even for parents who have looser rules, it can be a concerning experience if anything ever goes wrong.

Early Experience

Other people in your age group may be trying to learn how to drive already. It can feel isolating to be the only teenager who doesn’t know how to drive, so it’d be better to get lessons as soon as possible. Starting early will also provide you with time to improve your driving skills.

Age doesn’t dictate whether you’ll be a good driver or a lousy driver either. Some 16-year-old drivers know how to drive safer than 18-year-old drivers.

Spending Time Together

Regardless of any apps, getting driving lessons from a guardian is really great. Time for bonding has been reduced during the digital age, so a simple talking and learning session can be a real eye-opener. Your parents will really appreciate having that moment with you. After all, for them, you’re only ever getting older.


Weighing the pros and cons, it seems like getting the driver’s ed is a better option. That isn’t to say you’ll never use Uber again, but it’s just more practical to strive for your driver’s license in terms of cost and time.

Looking to get some driver’s ed online in Athens, Georgia? Athens Driving Prep also offers one-on-one driving lessons to teens and young adults. Register today!


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