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Driver's Ed: What It Is and Why You Should Consider It

Many families have debated whether or not to have their children participate in driver’s ed classes. Since time immemorial, driver’s ed lessons have helped teens learn how to drive a car. However, these classes are not for everyone. Some families prefer to teach their teens how to drive instead. This is a great way for parents and the next generation to bond while saving some money in the process. As they say, to each their own.

While driving with a licensed driver is a good way to get some practice, there are definitely merits to taking formal driver’s ed. If you have been contemplating whether or not you should have your teen take a course, continue reading. The following article will discuss the advantages of paying for driving lessons for your teens.

What Is Driver’s Ed?

Driver’s ed is a short course that is meant to help young people learn the rules of the road. The course involves modules about the various hand signals, road signs, and the different protocols that come into play when one gets behind the wheel. A set of driving lessons also includes practical driving sessions, which will require the student to get into the car and drive an actual vehicle.

5 Advantages Of Taking A Driver’s Ed Course

There are many benefits of taking a professional course for driving. If you have yet to make a choice, perhaps we can convince you to invest in one of these courses. Here are the reasons that made it to the top of the list of why parents may opt to have their children take driver’s ed before getting their license:

1 - It Teaches Them to Drive Any Car

When you opt to teach your teen to drive by yourself, it’s easy to neglect the many little details along the way. You’ve likely been driving the same car for years and have become well-acquainted with the little tips and tricks for that particular model. There may be many minute details that you may not be able to teach your teen that will be applicable to any car of any size.

Seasoned drivers rely a lot on instinct—something that new teen drivers do not have. Driver’s ed classes include modular classes that include road rules, road signs they may encounter, and other small details that you may overlook because you are so used to driving. Professional instructors know what new drivers need to know to develop the instinctual abilities that you already possess and they can teach your teen to apply it to a variety of situations.

2 - It Gives Them More Practice

Part of what you are paying for when you enroll your child in driver’s ed is knowing they are getting any and all pertinent information they need before even getting into the driver’s seat. On top of this, they will be getting more practical experience on the road! Many parents are busy people who don’t have time to take their teen to practice on the road every day. Your child will benefit much more if they learn from a teacher that can offer objective criticism (and frankly, from somebody who isn’t their parent). After that, any practice they get with you is just a bonus!

3 - It Boosts Their Driving Confidence

Driving instructors in driver’s ed school are trained to help build your child’s confidence in driving. They will teach your teens about what to expect on the road, and let them realize that they can handle any situation that may arise because they are being given the right training.

Driver’s ed courses will equip teens with the confidence to know that they will be able to step into that examination room and pass the exam. They will later bring this confidence onto the road with them and become better (and more cautious) drivers because of it.

4 - It Teaches Them Test Skills

Taking a course in driver’s ed will make teens better able to handle actual driving in the future. Teens who take this course will be able to prepare for not only the driver’s license test, but for what is to come afterwards. Driver’s ed instructors will share best practices as well as give tips on what is to be expected when they take to the road on their own.

5 - It Reduces Insurance Costs

In many cases, insurance companies may offer discounts to teens who have taken the driver’s ed course. This may be a crucial consideration, especially if you are worried about increasing your insurance premiums after your child finally gets their license. It is a good idea to contact your insurance provider and ask about any possible deductions.

Help Your Child Get Their License!

Athens drivers ed student at Athens Driving Prep

There are many advantages to enrolling your child in driver’s ed. However, one way you can be assured

that you are truly helping them get their license is to enroll them in driver’s ed. The information and skills they gain through this course will still continue to be useful after they pass their exam. You will be assured that they have all the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate the roads safely after they pass the exam, which is what really matters after all.

Help your child become a responsible driver by taking classes with the best driving school in Athens Georgia! Athens Driving Prep offers a personalized learning experience that will help your child on their driver’s exam, and become the best driver they can be.


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