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Become Confident on the Road: 5 Tips for Newbie Drivers

Driving is a useful life skill that gives you a way to your desired destination anytime and anywhere. With it, you can avoid the stress and hassle of taking public transportation, taxis or rideshares. Driving gives you convenience, peace of mind, a sense of responsibility, and freedom.

No matter what your age is, getting behind the wheel and feeling the cars zooming by for the very first time can be daunting. As the traffic and hazards increase, driving is becoming more and more challenging. To help you become confident on the road, here are some practical tips and tricks newbie drivers like you should know:

1. Take your car out on your own

Having your supportive friend or acquaintance beside you in your car as you drive can make you feel overwhelmed or comfortable. Consider taking the car out all on your own to practice and get used to driving alone.

This task can be nerve-wracking, but don’t worry; you don’t have to go a long way. Go around the block or drive alone as far as you want to so you can become more independent and get a better feel of the car.

2. Don’t mind the other drivers

As a new driver, it’s easy to feel intimidated by other drivers. You may even get tempted to make a daring move or feel scared as they speed by you. However, it’s best to focus on your driving, being aware but not distracted by the other drivers on the road.

3. Drive at different times of the day

The flow, speed, and density of traffic vary according to the time. To get the feel of the change in traffic, drive around your town at different times of the day. This way, you can spot the different driving and weather patterns and know what you have to expect in the future.

4. Familiarize yourself with the route

Getting lost is a common problem for new drivers. You can be too focused on handling the traffic and end up forgetting the turn you have to take or the stop where you have to get off. To avoid this, take advantage of your GPS system and make sure to familiarize yourself with the route and visualize it in your mind to keep track of it easily as you drive.

5. Take driving lessons

Getting confident behind the wheel takes time and lots of practice. Therefore, it’s important to make time to drive and take a trip every day, even if it’s only for 10-15 minutes. Don’t forget to try parking or driving around roundabouts to further hone your skills.

While you may practice driving all on your own, it’s advisable to get professionally trained to ensure that you will be equipped with the necessary driving knowledge and skills that are helpful once you’re on the road. If you’re looking for a driving school, enroll at Athens Driving Prep. Here, you can learn from experienced, state-licensed driving instructors who offer personalized driving lessons geared toward your unique needs.


Being out on the road all by yourself can be scary, but by following the tips mentioned above, you can become a better and more confident driver in no time. If you’re interested in taking driving classes, reach out to a trusted driving school like ours.

Enroll at our driving school to gain the confidence to drive safely. We offer driving lessons for teens and adults in Athens, Georgia. Contact us today for more information!


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