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6 Common Driving Mistakes to Steer Clear of - Our Guide

When you’re on the road, you’re responsible not only for your safety but also for those driving with you. This is why driving lessons are crucial. They help you understand driving theory and the best practices while behind the wheel to keep you and your fellow drivers safe.

However, there are times when you start to forget all the good habits that you have formed from class. More than that, you may even find yourself committing one of the common driving mistakes mentioned below.

While there are simpler driving mistakes which only require you to pay a fine, there are more serious ones which could put you and others at risk. To help you stay safe on the road, here are some prevalent mistakes that you must steer clear of in your daily driving.

1. High-speed Driving

You may be one of those people who love the thrill of speeding down the highway, but accelerating too much can put yourself and other drivers at risk. At high speeds, one small miscalculation can quickly make things ugly for everyone on the road. Moreover, this reckless habit may also decrease your car’s gas mileage and cost you more.

2. Not Slowing Down at Yellow Lights

That middle light is meant to signal drivers to slow down and prepare for the red light. However, if you often find yourself speeding up to avoid being held up, this is another bad habit to correct.

It helps to be patient in all circumstances. Disobeying traffic lights and speeding up at yellow can make you particularly vulnerable to intersection collisions and destructive T-bone accidents.

3. Driving Slower Than the Minimum Limit in the Passing Lane

As its name implies, the passing lane is meant for drivers who need to pass slower vehicles. If you are not comfortable driving at higher speeds, it’s best to steer clear of this lane. Doing so will help you avoid inconveniencing fellow commuters or even getting pulled over and paying a fine—for driving slowly.

4. Sitting Too Comfortably In the Driver’s Seat

There’s nothing wrong with finding the position you’re most comfortable at. However, if this means that you need to sit too far back behind the wheel, you need to reposition yourself. Sitting in this manner may reduce your control over your vehicle and delay your reaction time when an issue suddenly arises.

It’s best to sit upright and adjust your seat to a distance that allows you to reach the pedals quickly.

5. Not Adjusting Your Mirrors Well

The rear- and side-view mirrors are there for a reason—to give you as many views as possible when you’re driving. Considering this, you should pay attention to their angle and adjust them if needed to give you an unobstructed field of vision.

The rear-view mirror must be positioned in such a way that you only need to move your eyes to get a full view of the back. For the side mirrors, they must be positioned to provide you with a wide view of the road on both sides.

6. Driving in Flooded Areas

Large and deep puddles of water can cause significant damage to your vehicle. Moreover, strong currents of water can also carry it away.

It is often hard to estimate the depth of a puddle or flood just by looking at it. That said, don’t drive through it and risk your auto.


As much as these mistakes are common, their impact and after-effects must not be underestimated. Some mistakes can lead to minor accidents, but others can cause major inconveniences and even serious damages to life and property.

If you want to get on the road, it’s best to undergo the necessary training first. You may be excited to get your hands on the steering wheel, but passing your exams before doing so helps you avoid these mistakes and be a better driver.

Looking for a driving school in Athens, GA? Check out our website today! We offer personalized driving lessons geared toward each new driver’s specific needs. Get in touch with us today to learn how to get started.


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