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Beginner Driving: 4 Tips for Driving Safely in the Summer

Winter is notorious for having the worst driving conditions and causing thousands of car accidents each year. Drivers face many hazards when they venture on winter nights when the sky is dark and the road is sleek and icy. However, summer road conditions can be hazardous and caution should be taken.

When summer rolls in, the roads become full of tourists and newly minted young drivers who don’t have significant experience driving in the area. Motorcycles, bikes, scooters, and other personal transportation devices are also much more common all over the roads and sidewalks. When you combine these variables together, driving in the summer can become a chaotic endeavor.

Here are some safety tips to stay safe when you hit the road this summer:

1. Be Prepared

As always, prevention is better than cure. You shouldn’t wait for malfunctions or issues to come up before you do anything about them. You should prep your vehicle for warm weather, especially if you live in an area where temperatures reach triple digits.

Overheating can cause a breakdown no matter where you’re driving. Your coolant system will be working overtime to keep the car interior and engine at an ideal temperature, so make sure all components are working correctly. Check the radiator, pressure cap, hoses, and belts for any signs of cracks or wear. It’s best to stock your vehicle with extra coolant and oil, just to be sure.

You don’t ever want to be stuck inside a vehicle with a malfunctioning air conditioning system, so you should make sure it’s working well. Your windshield wipers, oil, and tire pressure should be in tip-top shape, too.

If it’s been a while since your last professional tune-up, you should take your vehicle in for an inspection for your peace of mind. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

2. Protect Yourself

Keep summer protection accessories in your car at all times. Sunglasses aren’t just for fashion; they protect your eyes from the sun’s glare, so don’t leave home without a pair. Wear sunscreen even if you’re just driving from one indoor location to another—the sun can do a lot of damage to your skin, even through your car’s tinted windshield and windows. Also be sure to keep drinking water in your car.

3. Maintain Your Focus

Summer is the time for fun and relaxation, and it’s great to have a carefree mindset while making the most of your free time. However, there’s no room for being blithe and light-hearted when it comes to driving a vehicle. You should have complete attention at all times when on the road. You must still follow all local laws and regulations, and practice safe driving habits no matter how much fun you’ve been having. Again it is important to keep in mind that with warm weather out come the motorcycles, Scooters, Bicyclists and an influx of pedestrians. You must share the road and be on the lookout at all times.

4. Don’t Ever Drink and Drive

Driving under the influence causes accidents and deaths every day of the year. The summer holidays can make the temptation worse for some drivers. If you plan on drinking at a party or any other event, make plans with a designated driver. If you’ve had more than one drink, walk home or call a ride service instead of driving.


Besides the sun high in the sky and the heat creeping in, there are still many hazards when it comes to summer driving. These simple tips will help make sure you and your passengers are safe at all times. No matter how much fun you’re having, it’s important to be as careful as always. If you need a refresher course, you’ll need to visit a driving school to keep you updated.

If you’re looking for an adult driving school in Athens, GA, Athens Driving Prep is the best choice for you. Our personalized driving lessons are geared toward each new driver’s specific needs. All our driving classes are done one-on-one with an experienced, state-licensed driving instructor. Sign up for your driving lesson today!


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