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3 Ways You Can Tell if You're Next to a Distracted Driver

Driving brings convenience and flexibility. You can stop wherever you want and take any shortcuts to avoid road accidents and traffic jams. However, it always comes with risks. No matter how much you think about your safety, you may find yourself driving next to a car with a distracted driver.

Driving requires a lot of concentration and your full attention, and even the smallest of distractions can cause an accident. It also puts the drivers, passengers, and pedestrians at risk.

Distracted driving is common, but it can be extremely dangerous. In fact, the National Safety Council estimates that around 1.6 million annual car crashes can be related to phone use while driving. On average, more than 700 people are injured in distracted driving crashes a day. Using a phone—even hands-free—diverts the attention away from driving.

Gadget use isn’t the only way a driver can be distracted. Here are some ways you can tell if you’re next to a distracted driver:

1. They are hunched over

Some drivers lean forward or bend over to light a cigarette, look at their dashboard, or search for something in their console. If you notice a driver near you looks hunched over, they are more likely distracted. It’s best to stay away from them while they are occupied with what they are trying to do or look for.

2. They are chewing

You may think eating while driving is a form of multitasking that lets anyone make better use of their time. After all, having long trips and rushed mornings is common, and stopping for fast food or coffee is the quickest way to sustain energy. However, eating or drinking while driving can take away from one’s attention.

Currently, there is no law against eating while driving, but drivers who eat while swerving or driving erratically can cause an accident. Therefore, if you see anyone holding a wrapper or chewing while driving, avoid them as safely as possible.

3. They are looking at their lap

If you see a driver looking at their lap, they might be texting while driving. You should also look out for the glow of their gadget, especially at night. Steer clear of them because drivers like them have the tendency to have their heads down instead of focusing on the road in front of them.

How Do I Avoid Distracted Driving?

Now that you know the signs of distracted drivers you must avoid, you might be wondering how to focus on the road. One of the best ways to do that is to use only your phone for emergency situations. When you have to make an important call on the road immediately, it’s advisable to pull over safely.

If you need more helpful tips or want to take some driving lessons to refresh your memory about the basics of driving safely, feel free to enroll at our driving school. Our licensed driving instructors offer personalized training to suit your specific needs.


It only takes a split second for you to look away from the road and cause a life-altering accident. To ensure road safety at all times, stay away from distracted drivers and pay full attention to your driving. Furthermore, practice safe driving yourself by sitting tall and undistracted by food, phones, and flashy billboards.

Enroll in our school for personalized driving lessons in Athens, Georgia. Contact us to get started!


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