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3 Safe Driving Tips That Any Teenager Should Know About

One of the most noteworthy experiences you’ll ever have upon entering the initial stages of adulthood is getting your very first driver’s license.

Time flies by so quickly! To your parents, it may seem like just yesterday that you were sitting on the living room floor, pushing some Hot Wheels around. Now, you’re learning how to operate a vehicle! Before you get too excited, though, remember that being behind the wheel of a car is a responsibility that requires proper preparation and adequate training.

Seeing that learning how to drive is one of the pivotal experiences that most people go through as they come of age, it’s safe to say that learning how to drive is something you can’t avoid.

Understandably, you might be feeling a mixture of excitement and fear as you picture the great, grand future that lies ahead as a full-blown driver. Getting your license is certainly a novelty, but remember—driving will be a lot more fun if you don’t have to experience the downsides of poor preparation as well. Assimilating the habits of a cautious driver can make a world of difference in your experience and ensure that you always return home safe and sound.

3 Safe Driving Tips Every Teen Should Know

Whether you’re getting your permit or preparing to take the test for your full license, you may be experiencing some nerves as you transition from toy cars to real, moving vehicles. To ensure that you cap your teenage years off with safe driving, no accidents on the road, and stress-free road trips, here are a few key pointers that will go a long way:

Tip #1: Pretend there’s an egg under your foot One key piece of advice that many experienced drivers take to heart is pretending that there’s an egg in between the ball of their foot and the gas pedal.

It might sound silly at first, but pretending to have an egg under your foot makes sense: press lightly, and it will reward you accordingly with no breakage; press too hard and too sudden, and you’ll end up between a rock and a hard place—sometimes literally! Apart from the discipline that this tip provides, accelerating with caution also helps prevent your car’s engine from guzzling gas, leaving you with more money to spend on things more exciting!

Tip #2: Choose between 10-and-2 and 9-and-3 We’re not pertaining to numbers per se: we’re talking about the hand positioning you follow while holding the steering wheel. Treating the steering wheel as the face of a clock, putting your left hand at the “10” position and your right hand on the “2” position (or 9 and 3, respectively) will put you in the optimal position for driving. When you put your hands in the right place, you buy yourself some much-needed reaction time to avoid hazards on the road while controlling your turns like a champ. Tip #3: Learn with the help of a dependable driving instructor Although the internet age makes it possible to learn anything and everything, the same doesn’t necessarily apply when it comes to driving. An online guide and a few videos may be great for grasping the basics, but nothing reinforces driver safety and effective techniques more than learning with an actual instructor. With the help of Athens Driving Prep, for instance, you’ll provide yourself with much more room to safely travel along the road with a comprehensive learning course and detailed prep process.


As you approach the moment of finally securing your driver’s license, remember—driving is a privilege. Getting your license is an exciting experience that opens up a whole new world to you—but it also comes with responsibility! With help of the three tips mentioned above, you can drive safely before, during, and long after your driving test! We're a driving school in Athens, GA, that helps teens and first-time drivers learn the road rules and foster much safer driving habits. If you want to become a smarter motorist on the street, get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can best help you!


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