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How to Find a Driver Education Program That Fulfills Joshua's Law

UPDATE: Starting July 1, 2021 teenagers (ages 16 and 17) attempting to get their driver's license in Georgia will have to meet new requirements. Learn more here

If you are a parent with a child about to drive on his or her own, you know how important it is that your newly minted driver should pass Joshua’s Law first. To do that, you need to find the best driver’s education program that your child must complete to meet Joshua’s Law requirements. Only then can the young driver get their license.

But how do you find the best school that provides comprehensive driving classes in Athens, Georgia? In this article, we will share several practical tips to help you:

1. Conduct some research

With all the schools out there that meet Joshua’s Law requirements, it can be tough to find the right one. Most programs offer classroom discussions and actual lessons, but their approach may not always be the same. This is why you need to do some searching yourself.

You can start by checking out reviews given by former students to see what they’re saying about their experience with a particular school. You might also want to go to their social media pages and online forums to see what you can find out about their driving education program.

2. Find out if they specialize in teaching teen drivers

This is very important because not many driving programs have something tailored for teens. At Athens Driving Prep, we believe in the importance of personalized driving lessons to meet the specific needs of a driver. This is better than enrolling them in a class where only the basics are discussed, and there’s no particular focus on the learner’s weaknesses as a driver.

3. Make sure they’re AAA-Approved

The AAA is the country’s top authority when it comes to automobile safety. So, if you are concerned about the quality of the driving lessons your child is going to get, make sure you only sign them up with a school that AAA approves. When a school is approved by the governing authority, it means they are being monitored closely and are meeting the American Automobile Association’s strict standards.

4. Ask if they will give reports of the student’s progress

Any school would welcome students, but not all are proactive when it comes to providing feedback and progress reports. Ask if you could see a copy of one, so you’ll know how they are able to explain in detail the progress that their students are making. You want to be sure that if it’s your child who’s going to enroll in that school, that you’ll have a clear idea of what skills they are already mastering and which ones they need to improve on.


Choosing the right driving school for your child matters because it’s a requirement to pass Joshua’s Law and get their license and because it is about your child’s safety. You want to be 100% sure that they know how to drive defensively, that they understand the law, and that they can follow all traffic regulations before you let them go behind the wheel.

Athens Driving Prep offers various driving lesson packages, including an online drivers ed course that meet Joshua’s Law requirements. Connect with us today and find out which driving lessons in Athens, Georgia, is suitable for your child!

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