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Driving School: Thanksgiving Road Trip Tips

Any reason is a good reason to go on a road trip, and Thanksgiving is one of them! Whether it is a journey around the country or only to your grandparent's home, a road trip now is an excellent way to appreciate the good things in life and even its challenges. That said, you will not be thankful for any issues you might face during your road trip because you were not prepared.

To ensure that you enjoy a smooth Thanksgiving road trip from start to end, here are the tips to keep in mind to properly prepare for the journey.

1. Plan the route

While traveling with no plans can be exciting at times, doing so will only invite trouble. To avoid unnecessary trouble, making a plan is necessary. You can check all the amenities that you can quickly access near the roads you will take. Also, check the weather in the areas you are going to drive through. If you want to avoid rain or bad weather, you may have to plan around it. Put simply, the more you plan the route, the more everything will proceed smoothly and become much more enjoyable.

2. Get the car ready

Your car might be performing well all these years, but you need to send it in for maintenance if you have not recently done so. This is because the last thing you want to deal with on the road trip is an issue that stops you in your tracks. Have everything checked, from your headlights to your oil, and make sure any problems that pop up are thoroughly fixed.

3. Keep the kids happy

If you are a parent, you know the chaos you will have to deal with when the kids are unhappy or bored. For a successful trip, make sure that there are plenty of ways to keep them happy and entertained. It can be anything from stops at a nearby McDonald's for a happy meal or bringing games to play in the car. They will be thankful that you made the trip enjoyable, and you will be thanking yourself for the world of trouble you will have avoided.

4. Pay attention to the road

When you are driving, remember to always pay attention to the road. Any distraction can quickly lead to an accident. Be sure to put away anything that may distract you, such as your phone or even food. If you want to use any of those, have someone do it instead. For example, if you need to take a call, ask one of the passengers to pick it up for you. If you need a snack, ask your partner or another passenger to feed you if necessary.

5. Do not overload the vehicle

You may be tempted to fill your car with many things, especially if you have kids with you. This is an issue you must avoid, as an overloaded car drives inefficiently and is at higher risk of an accident. For that reason, always bring the necessities first, then fit in whatever else you want to without going over the weight limit.


By following our tips above and preparing for your Thanksgiving road trip, the whole journey will become much more enjoyable and, more importantly, safe! That said, the last and most important tip we can give you is to enjoy the ride. Remember, the journey is just as important as the destination. All the wonderful experiences you and your family share on the road will all add up to an amazing Thanksgiving road trip experience. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!

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